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I am the brains behind this adventure. I search online constantly for the best deals, the cheapest transport, I fix computers, tablets, the iPad and anything else technical that needs to be done.¬†Although, changing Microsoft Word from Vietnamese to English absolutely tested me and I was up until midnight with a bottle of red trying to break this but in the end it broke me. I post all of Winters Chilling Tales and Summer quad bikeremove the swear words, the ‘pretty cool’s’ (one write up by Winter had 5 ‘pretty cool’s’ in it) and so it takes all of my time just getting through the grammar. I supervise both of the girls schooling, that’s year 8 and year 4, which I am happy to do. It’s when I get barraged with questions from both girls and Winter at the same time that I can get a bit stormy.

I have spent the best part of our holiday working on the detail and caring for the girls. I make sure the days and times line up and we get to our next destinations in the cheapest and fastest way possible. I also post as many feature articles as possible about the amazing adventures we have been having.

I also clean up our rooms, help the girls with clothes packing, hair braiding, lots of hugs and deep and meaningful conversations and the like. I love being busy and this blog is teaching me so much about technology and marketing. Although I get in trouble every day for calling Pinterest, pin interest.

What I don’t do; carry bags. Winter loves carrying bags as he feels like it’s a mini work out.

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