9 Year old travelling the world

Lovable Spring

Me – Spring in Love


Spring at the turtle farm, Sri Lanka.

Spring at the turtle farm, Sri Lanka.

I am caring and sharing with everyone and help people in need. I also am a very good singer and I like to sing a lot of the time. I wish to be a star or farmer, I think a star would be cool because I get a lot of fans. Also I think a farmer will be cool because I can get a lot of money really quick (she is very optimistic like her mum; Summer) I think it is good that people are in love, I think they deserve it. Also I love SUSHI…it is delicious YUM YUM.

I can’t wait to get to China because I can build a SNOW MAN and eat delicious food. And I can’t wait until France, America, New York City and Italy, I think they will have the best designs and food.

I get travel sickness and my dad, Winter has been telling everyone about it, so embarrassing.

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I will take a picture of the snowman. I hope my cousins like it.

  1. Yes, you are a caring sharing girl, this is a special gift you were given. All sounds good darling. Love makes the world a better place to live and I agree with you we all deserve love, to give and to receive is wonderful. Ask if you could learn the song (New York New York) I can just see you singing this when you arrive throwing you arms up in the air while you sing it. You know, reading your thoughts is good, it allows people to have a good understanding of you SPRING. Keep writing I love reading your stuff. Take care honey love and blessings. xxx Don’t forget to take the motion pill.

    1. I am going to ask Mum to down load the song and learn it and then we can record me singing it and put it on the web page. Love you lots. xxx

  2. Oh wow! you are so beautiful and look oh so happy. Take care all our love and blessing to you. xxxxx

  3. There are no cats in America, and the streets are made of cheese!
    Hello Spring, hope you are having fun! Katie and I are now in Hoi An and it’s beautiful…also we can’t get ABBA songs out of our head 🙂 Say hello to the rest of the seasons!

    1. Hi Doris, I have another game I want to teach you. If you are still in Hoi An, my mum emailed you. Spring.

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