I am 14 and travelling the world

Autumn’s Golden Moments

I can do magic! *Jazz hands*

I am travelling the world with my family, they may be a bit crazy but so am I. This year is amazing and I still can’t believe we have done it. We have gone around the world seeing all the cultures and tasting all the foods. I have tried so many foods on our travels including, cockroaches, worms, banana budgie and so many more. My favourite food was in Vietnam where everything was so fresh and healthy.

This holiday will stay with me for the rest of my life and I will never forget the great times I have had. When I am older I want to take my family around the World because there is so much to see and enjoy. I have learnt heaps about cultures, villages and cuisine. I would never have learnt these things at home.

My favourite country is *dramatic pause* (It’s really hard to decide) To be honest Mexico or Spain. Both my mum and I love Mexican and Spanish everything. We love the food, culture, art, basically everything.

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    1. Hi cousins, Singapore was great. My fav part was when we went to adventure cove water park. There was this huge ride that went up and down and side to side, like a slushie maker. Mum was so scared she was yelling no the whole time. It was fantabulously awesome, there was even a fake reef with real fish swimming around. Spring and I went together. The next day we were so tired we couldn’t even walk.

  1. Mm! interesting news, not sure about the host guy getting angry he’s naughty. Congratulations on your staring competition you are really good at staring and you hold a great blank face, I suppose the other person must be staring at your beauty so take being stared at as a compliment, some people just can’t take their eyes of you. Plane rides are boring for everyone, best to try an snooze. Have fun hugs and kisses darling. xxxxx

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