We are a travelling family

Our adventures so far:

Cairns and surrounds – We have taken the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway to Kuranda, snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, we visited the crocodiles at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures on our way to Port Douglas and spent hours at the Cairns night markets after long strolls around the lagoon and esplanade on the Cairns city foreshore.

Gold Coast – we visited the only theme park worth its weight in gold, Wet n’Wild, must be why one was built in Sydney. Spent days on a beautiful boat cruising the water thanks to some lifelong friends who invited us up to stay with them and then proceeded to knock our socks off with some fantastic adventures around the canals of Broadwater and the waterways around South Stradbroke Island.

Canberra and Goulburn: for a family with small children these two locations are great. History aplenty, nice eateries, bike riding a must and events such as Floriade in Canberra and a plethora of regular motor sporting events, largely thanks to the highly accessible Wakefield Park Raceway, in Goulburn. We spent an Easter cruising the strip in a hot rod and eating at all the cafes.

Outback NSW adventure: We have driven across NSW as far west as the border of South Australia and back again. We took a popular driving loop around Mid-Southern New South Wales in a clockwise direction from Sydney to Canberra, across the Hay Plains (stopped for a pie and watched a sheep being Shorn at Shear Outback) Silverton, the famous set for the original Mad Max Movie and had the best hot dog at the famous Silverton Hotel and rode camels, visited art galleries and mines in Broken Hill and slept in a cave hotel in Whitecliffs and tents in the Dubbo zoo.

Tasmania – Driven to the southern most tip of Australia in Tasmania and nearly got blown off the point by the freezing winds. Looked in the remarkable cave in Tasmania, and yes it is truly remarkable. Spent a day in Port Arthur and was moved by the history.

We have travelled to Penang, Kuala Lumpur, before our second child and then New Zealand and Fiji as a family of four.

Our next holiday was always going to be big and we realised that we didn’t just want to have another short holiday but a decent 4 plus week visit at a far-flung destination. The problem is, we have never accumulated the leave for such an adventure. The children’s school holidays have always consumed those. Flights for 3 adults and 1 child are expensive and so we wanted to make sure that if we venture far we would get the maximum out of the trip.

Then my husband (winter…see below intro) said he wanted to travel the world. Pack up what we can carry, sell what we don’t need or really like anymore and store the rest. We have two children, our 13-year-old we will call Autumn and our eight-year-old we will call Spring. They are both enrolled in distance education and are keen travellers too.

I have leave without pay from my job and Winter is now unemployed for the first time since leaving school.

Who we are, in the eyes of our 13-year-old…..

We are Dad, Mum, 13-year-old and 8-year-old. We are the seasons, each season represents each of us. We are all different but we need each other to survive.

Winter is dark, cold and sometimes scary but is also protective. Winter is the dad, big and not sometimes scary all the time scary. He’s the protector of fun.

Summer is warm, welcoming, caring and always there to comfort you even in the worst of times. Summer is the small mummy, happy all the time. She is the Queen of warmth.

Autumn is changing, falling and flowing with the wind. Between strong seasons comes the grey that blurs, Autumn. Autumn is the 13-year-old going through a faze. She is the soldier of light.

Spring is loving and always thinking of others. Spring is the little buby of the family the 8-year-old. Caring is just what she does, all the time. She is the Princess of love.

Author Autumn, 13

14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Autumn, I totally love your perspective on your family, so beautiful, you guys are awesome, have an amazing time.
    Love you all so much
    Aunty Sue XoXoXoXo

  2. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! Have you bought yourselves a selfie stick yet? You totally should! 😡

    1. We miss you too sister. Look after the boys. Thanks for buying the towels, they are used almost daily. Hugs and kisses to you three. xxxx

    1. Hi Ruby, thanks. I hope you are having fun at school. 🙂
      We are having so much fun, thanks again. See you when I get back.

  3. Had a brilliant time in Florence! Hope to see you in Kolkata soon!
    -Priya Khandelwal

    1. Hi Priya, Priyanka had a great time too. We hope your family are well. We will send you a picture of some Bollywood actors filming at the leaning tower of pisa. It made us think of you. xxxxx

  4. Hey guys! Miss you all so much, especially Priyanka! Had a blast in Florence. Hope to see you in Kolkata soon!

  5. Lovely and very warm family with2 pretty kids with ex lent manner they are welcome in my life any time
    Love them all

    1. Thanks Handsome Eddy, you really are handsome and an excellent cook. We are fatter for knowing you and our children love your home. Love to you both xxx

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